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I'm back!!!!!!!!! *squee jump wiggle twitch squee*

[6] L Word
[12] True Blood
[14] High School Musical 3

It's true! It has been two years since I last iconned, and I have missed it immensely. Long story short, I lost my Photoshop and now have found it again, and what better way to waste the lazy summer days than to manipulate screencaps of all our favorite fandoms?

I apologize that this batch appears a little rusty; it has been a while. I'm getting the hang of it, though, and I'm working on updating all my credits and downloads and whatnot. It's a laborious process, coming back from the Livejournal dead.

In the past two years, of course, I have developed some new obsessions. House and Gilmore Girls, for example, have died, and the L Word and One Tree Hill have snuck in as replacements. {I can explain all the Shane icons. ...It's actually quite simple. I have a gigantic, insuppressible girl crush on her and I'm not afraid to admit it. In fact I hope you like Shane, too, because she's pretty much the only character I'm willing to icon.}

I finished all of True Blood season one in a single weekend. While that's disgusting, it is also good proof that the show is pretty damn good. (Pardon my mixed shipping-- I can't choose if I like Sam or Bill better. Hence traitor-shipping.)

Here is a little sampling of what I've been watching. Also, I refuse to accept any mockery of my High School Musical obsession. (Is it awful that after several viewings I still love that movie?)

The rules remain the same:
-don't hotlink
-nominate! I'd love you forever.
*you may edit, but please still credit me

hsm,icons / true blood,icons / L word,icons

L Word

1. L word,icons 2. L word,icons 3. L word,L word,icons,icons,show
4. L word,icons 5. show,icons,L word 6. L word,icons,show

True Blood

7. true blood,icons 8. true blood,true blood,icons 9. true blood,icons
10. true blood,icons 11. icons,true blood 12. true blood,icons
13. true blood 14. true blood,icons 15. true blood,icons
16. true blood,icons 17. true blood,icons 18. true blood,icons

High School Musical 3

19. hsm,icons 20. hsm,icons 21. hsm
22. hsm,icons 23. hsm,icons 24. hsm,icons
25. hsm,icons 26. hsm,icons 27. icons,hsm
28. hsm,icons 29. hsm,icons 30. hsm,icons
31. hsm,icons 32. hsm,icons

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