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Icons by heslikenirvana

The chords remind me of the time that I first fell in love

28 September 1990
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This journal is the graphics journal of heslikenirvana, aka quel. Which is short for Raquel. Feel free to friend me, I positively adore friends and support keeps me going, so if you like my icons, do not hesitate. Also, if you would like to affiliate, comment/e-mail away!


I won't be crazy Nazi about enforcing them, but I would greatly appreciate if you:
~ comment when taking
~ credit chords_remind
~ do not hotlink

* you may edit my icons if you must (for example, I don't often use text but if you would like the icon to say something, feel free to slap on some words), but please still credit me
* nominations are the biggest love in the world


If you see me using something of yours and I have not credited properly, just let me know! I may have lost track of the things I snagged along the line somewhere.

Brushes, Textures
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dearest (practically every entry :o)
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ianthinae (x)
ohfreckle (x)(x)

Gilmore Girls: Quintessence,
Veronica Mars: awakencordy/Veronica Mars Caps
X-Men: laughtur
Rent: marishna
Garden State: letsbebad (x)
House: kendurah (x)/followtheroad (x)/butterbuns (x)
High School Musical 3: FanPop
True Blood: Screencaps.org
Other: Yahoo Movies, cap_it, Secret Obsession

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If you would like to affiliate, by all means let me know!
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Tell me what you think of my icons! The Icon Truth Meme is completely anonymous, so let it all out.